Bike Security

Stolen motorbikes that have been permanently marked have a recovery rate of around 60%, with many of the cases resulting in the criminals being prosecuted.

Any kind of marking is better than none. Use an ultra violet (UV) pen to mark the body panels, engine components etc, basically any part of the bike you can.

Second form of security.

Never just rely on the ignition or steering lock fitted to the motorcycle from the manufacturer. Most are unsuitable and are relatively easy to overcome and only really act as a 1st from of security and a deterrent. You must get into the habit of using an extra form of security such as a good lock and chain, disc lock or quality alarm and immobiliser system.

Due to the size and weight of a Lock and Chain these products are generally more suited to home or garage use, but they are still well worth carrying with you.

Use it to anchor your bike to a solid, fixed object such as another vehicle, lamppost or a solid metal fence or railing. Use the right lock and chain in this manner and it will give the professional thief a difficult time in trying to steal your bike.

Recent statistics show that 80% of bikes stolen are stolen from the home. A ground anchor fitted to your garage or driveway is an excellent form of motorcycle security.

If your bikes only protection is a chain or disk lock it can be easily lifted into the back of a van. By using a security ground anchor a potential thief has to work on the security chain and lock where the bike stands which gives them more chance of making a noise and alerting you to their presence.

There is a wide selection of security anchors on the market. Our advice is to go for the type of anchor which is buried in to the concrete. These offer a greater resistance than bolt down anchors and they have no bolts heads for the thief to get access to.

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