Going away for the holidays?

Its fast approaching that time of year again where the more fortunate ones amongst us have booked our summer holidays and are now counting down the days until the departure date.

However if you are going away this year in order for you to enjoy your holiday and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve then you must ensure your home is secure in your absence.

Thieves will be on the look out for homes that look un-occupied, particularly during the holiday months. We have pulled together some advice to help prevent you and your home from becoming a victim of burglary.

Try to make your home look like someone is living in it, for example don’t leave your curtains drawn. To a potential thief in daytime this cries out that your house is empty.

Use an automatic timer switche to turn your lights and a radio on when it goes dark. This is worth doing even if you are just going out for the evening as it gives the impression someone is at home.

Make sure you cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries before you leave on your holiday.

If you’re away for more than a month the Royal Mail offer a “keepsafe” service where they will keep your mail for up to 2 months. Mail sitting on your doorstep or hanging from your letterbox is a sign that you are away and an open invitation to thieves.

Alternatively trusted neighbours may help you by collecting your post and opening and closing curtains or maybe even parking their car on your drive or outside your property to give the impression you have visitors.

Avoid discussing your holiday plans where strangers may hear, you never know who’s listening or who they may tell.

If possible try not to take a taxi to the airport. If you have to ensure you use a taxi service you can trust and rely on and make it sound like you have someone staying at your home whilst your away, whether you do or not.

Leave any important documents or any items of substantial value with family members or lock them in a safe.

Never discuss holiday plans on social networking sites. Burglars will use any information you post on there to their advantage.

If you store valuable bicycles or similar items in your shed, consider moving them into your house.

Make sure that you have good quality door and window locks and all outside doors and sheds have good quality padlocks on them.

Set your burglar alarm if you have one

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