Crackdown on Scam Locksmiths

The Master Locksmiths Association has been cracking down on scam locksmiths with the support of the Trading Standards Institute. Jointly they will carry out a two pronged attack on these rouge traders. This will be carried out through a national locksmith qualification, and secondly through identification and reporting of the scam locksmiths in operation.

These scam locksmiths have been operating through online portals, making use of the address, and sometimes identity, of legitimate local locksmiths. They leave consumers with a bad experience, sometimes replacing locks with a sub-par product while charging more than quoted, and leaving local companies with undeserved bad reputation.

One locksmith company had found a scam operation to be using their address in advertising to customers, and upon ringing the supposed business was put through to a call centred located in India. They congratulated the move by the MLA to develop a national qualification, and their combined efforts with the TSI to bring regulation to the industry.

Dr Steffan George of the MLA has recommend checking if companies claiming to be MLA Approved actually are by going to the MLA site at

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