Securing your Patio Doors

Patio doors allow for beautiful vistas and direct access to your garden and come in several styles, from the outward opening French style to the more modern sliding door types. Patio doors allow you quick access to your garden, but can also provide quick access to your home for burglars and it is always worth making sure that extra security measures are in place.

Extra patio locks are always worth looking into. Ideally a lock should be fitted to the bottom of the frame passing through the centre sliding door. To the side of the frame another lock should be added a third of the way from the top of the door. These locks should lock when pushed to, and open simply with a key. It is important to check there is space in the frame to install these extra locks before purchasing them.

Some older sliding patio doors are able to be quite simply lifted from the frame and it is important to install an anti-lift device or otherwise all the door locks in the world won’t keep a dedicated burglar out. Alongside additional patio locks blocking devices can be used to limit the movement of the sliding doors. This can be accomplished from a simple dowel or dedicated charley bars installed in the bottom of the door track

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