Home Security whilst on Holiday

As many of you will be going on holiday this summer, we are advising ways to improve the security of your home so that you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about burglary.

Before you leave check that you have locked all the doors and windows and set the alarm. Remember to lock any garages, sheds and other buildings, remove any valuables from these buildings. Cancel any deliveries of milk and newspapers or anything else you get delivered.

Attempt to make your home look occupied, ask trusted neighbours to open the curtains each morning and evening if possible. Invest in some timer switches to turn the lights and radio on and off in the evening, making your house look occupied.

Should the worst happen and someone break into your home, make sure you have put all of your important documents and most valuable items such as jewellery in a home security safe, this way important possessions will be safe from theft.

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