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CISA 06302 Roller Shutter Kit

Eye Bolt Finish :Galvanised
Retainer Finish :Brass
Bolt Lengths :25mm, 60mm
Retainer Size :88mm x 43mm Diameter


  • Ground fixing ‘arrowhead’ bolt removable when shutter is in the open position.
  • Supplied c/w lockable brass dust cap.


  • Kit comprises two hardened steel eyebolts and one brass retainer which is permanetly anchored into the ground, flush with the surface. The threaded eyebolt is fastened permanently to the shutter section whilst the ‘arrowhead’ bolt is inserted into the retainer and secured with a 90º turn. When the shutter is in the closed position the two eyes can be secured together with an appropriate padlock such as Cisa 28550-84 (not included).

Product Code
Size Key Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
Qty Extra
1370 mm mm mm 29.99 35.99
1368 mm mm mm 29.99 35.99

CISA 06302 Roller Shutter Kit

Colour Guide

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. White
  4. Yellow Chromate
  5. Brass
  6. Brown
  7. Polished Gold
  8. Nickel Plated
  9. Polished Chrome
  10. Satin
  11. Green Brass