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TESSI 6460 Oval Bullet Lock

Cylinder Finish :Nickel Plated
Cylinder Diameter :20mm x 13mm (Oval)
Pin Length :47mm
Overall Length :90mm
Housing Diameter :75mm x 35mm (Oval)
Housing Projection :43mm
Keys Supplied :2
Keyed Alike :Ex-stock
Packed Quantity :20


  • Available keyed alike in pairs c/w housings and 4keys total, or bullets only keyed alike, any multiples (choice of 3 different key numbers).
  • Key removable in locked position only.


  • Sprung locking pin on top of cylinder barrel is depressed by a turn of the key, allowing the bullet to be inserted or withdrawn from the housing.

Product Code
Size Key Price
(ex vat)
(inc vat)
Qty Extra
RJ9394 mm mm mm 24.99 29.99

TESSI 6460 Oval Bullet Lock

Colour Guide

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. White
  4. Yellow Chromate
  5. Brass
  6. Brown
  7. Polished Gold
  8. Nickel Plated
  9. Polished Chrome
  10. Satin
  11. Green Brass